How Your Choice of Clothing Can Positively Impact Your Life

How often have you walked into your closet and despaired at the thought of not having anything to wear as you stare at a wardrobe brimming with clothes? Then, you frantically look for something that ends up being the same, repetitive outfit you always wear, but you just suck it up and carry on with your day because you don’t have much time.

During those minutes of frenzy, your entire day gets sabotaged. If your day starts with negative thoughts, you cannot possibly “carpe diem” or seize the day, as they say. When you begin your morning with a positive outlook, you allow yourself to have positive experiences throughout the day. A Motivation Clothing Line can help you with that. Leading to better clarity on what your goals are and the ways you can achieve them. If you want to incorporate more clarity and positivity into your day, begin with the one thing you do each morning- getting dressed.

Declutter Your Closet

Every day you pick some clothes and get dressed, regardless of the time and effort you put into it. With such an activity that occurs on a daily basis, it’s necessary to ascertain that it’s doesn’t create a negative effect on your day. The simplest and quickest way to add more positivity and joy into your day is by distinguishing which parts of your daily routine are chaotic and stress-inducing and removing or adjusting them to serve you better. Once the frustrations generating from your closet are eliminated, you will feel thrilled about what’s inside your closet door. Choose uplifting apparel for everyday wear, something that inspires you to be better, and do better for others.

The ideal way to declutter your closet is to start with baby steps. Set small challenges for yourself, either daily or monthly. If you plan to do a major closet detox, only attempt it when you know you have that kind of time. You will always dread a closet cleanout when you’re midway through the process, so you should make sure you have time to finish it because if not, you’ll be left with a huge pile of clothes haunting you for the rest of your days.

We’ll let you in on one of our favorite decluttering tips: wear a pair of shoes that you haven’t taken out in some while. Ask yourself if they make you feel giddy like they did when you first wore them. If yes, by all means, keep them. But, if you think you haven’t worn them because they don’t match your clothes(like stilettos don’t go with a heavily meditated shirt) or are uncomfortable, it’s time to let go of them. If you plan to donate or resell your shoes and clothes, remember to keep them far away from your closet. Put them aside so that you can prioritize getting them out the door and to the ones in need.

Make Some Room for Positivity

By ridding yourself of wardrobe frustrations and arranging your closet so that you only have items that are the true representation of you, you’ve cleared up space once taken up by negativity. Add a bit of inspirational apparel and, you’ve rescued yourself from another chaotic and rushed morning. This tiny adjustment is going to create moments of greater clarity in your life. The less you ponder on the things that are going wrong, the more you can focus on everything you can control and achieve. And when you maintain this attitude every day, you believe that your goals are achievable. Moving to an unfamiliar, new city or demanding a raise is no longer as scary as it used to be with a clear and positive mind. You see the results in the most positive way, knowing that you are acting on this decision because it’s what’s best for you, rather than focusing on all of the things that could go wrong.