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Righteousouls in Africa

Righteousouls in Africa (Bénin). ✌🏿#RS #Yoga, #yogi, #workout, #triblend #meditation, #heavilymeditated, #righteousouls, #righteous, #righteousness, #peace, #PTSD, #mindfulawareness, #anxiety, #twofingerpeace

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-Taurus Play nice, Taurus. Until November 21, the Sun is in Scorpio, powering up your seventh house of harmony and cooperation, and spotlighting your closest one-on-one partnerships. Both personal and professional relationships benefit from diplomacy and compromise now—which you’re more than willing to give in the spirit of keeping the peace. Use this time to explore new synergies or to work through any disagreements and get back on the same page. Talk about your shared mission as a twosome—you can go so much farther, together. Hello, dynamic duos! On November 14, though, the spotlight is briefly—yet potently—back on you, as the Taurus full moon, a supermoon (, illuminates your first house of self and identity. If you’ve lost yourself in...

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