The Motivation behind Women’s Taste in Clothing

Historically, various external influences and intrinsic factors have motivated women in their clothing choices. While tell-tale factors, like warmth and security, are some of the reasons why women put on the specific outfit they pick in the morning, clothing also serves as a compelling way to express and communicate personality. Here you can find some of the reasoning behind today’s fashion and clothing preferences of women.


Women’s choice of clothing is often motivated by their position or status within a social structure, as certain clothes emphasize certain associations; observed in the skirts worn by a college tennis team or the distinctive robes worn by African tribal royalty members. In the Great States, the identity of lawyers, corporate executives, and other high-end career positions are often based on the type of clothes worn. A young college activist can be easily recognized by his/her “peace and love” clothing or a “being human” shirt.

Allure and Beauty

Another important reason why someone slips on a little black dress for a girls’ night out or chooses a tracksuit that matches her hoop earrings is creating an attractive appearance. With time, the ideal form of beauty has transformed within many cultures, where women’s fashion is no longer bound by leather skirts, cleavage-bearing tops, and high hems. The way we perceive beauty is different for all, where more and more women are renouncing dressing to impress others, and now choose their attire depending on what makes them feel comfortable yet attractive. Girl empowerment shirts usually get this job well-done.

According to the wearer’s taste, a smooth black business suit and a crisp white collared shirt are just as alluring as an elaborate formal gown. The right accessories in the right places can often add appealing finishing touches, such as a pair of dangling earrings or seductive open-toe heels. Self-confidence and attitude of mind also help to enhance a wardrobe, which is very sensual and beautiful in its own right.

Trending Fashion

Women in the United States often follow current fashion trends when it comes to their attire. It can be cutting their hair like a celebrity, such as Jennifer Aniston or Emma Watson. Or while choosing clothes that match the hottest “color of the season.” Or while selecting a choice, designer purse such as the Birken or the patchwork Coach bag.

Modesty Purposes

Although the concept of modesty is unique to each place in time, it has played a vital role in women’s fashion over the years. In various periods of time and various corners of the world, a woman exposing her back, neck, legs, shoulders, and cleavage was frowned upon or entirely forbidden. While the United States doesn’t enforce such strict social policies on women and their apparel anymore, many cultures and religions still uphold modesty in women’s clothing/fashion.

For example, Islamic Republics of the world expect female citizens to cover most of their bodies when in public. This Muslim culture has created a bustling market of long and concealing garments made of polyester, silk, cotton, wool, rayon, and denim. Typical attire includes under scarves, long lycra gloves, jilbabs (outer and overgarments including long robes and coats), and abayas (cloak-like garments).

Ceremonies & Special Occasions

Multiple forms of women’s fashion are set aside for special occasions and ceremonies that signify valuable moments in their lives. You can better understand what we’re talking about if you focus on the traditional clothing for weddings, the quinceanera evening dresses for 15-year-old Latina girls or the gowns of a prestigious ball society. More often than not, these dresses are very flashy, elaborate, classic, or once-in-a-lifetime attires that hold special value and meaning for the wearer.