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The Movement Behind RighteouSouls

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Join the Movement and Become a SoulMate

Our goal at RighteouSouls is to create inspirational and uplifting messages that spread through our apparel. When you join our movement, you can feel good about what you’re wearing. Keep reading to learn more about our products here at RighteouSouls and how the clothes you wear can help you spread love throughout your community.




How You Can Join the Movement

It’s easy to join the RighteouSouls movement and start spreading the love. Are you passionate about making a difference in your community? Are you tired of injustice, fear, and anger that has been spreading throughout our country? By working together, we can stand up for what is right. Shop our online clothing store and spread your message of hope every time you wear our apparel.

 four people sitting on a bench wearing RighteouSouls apparel

a black hoodie with a white hand showing the peace sign


How You Can Help Change the World

As you begin changing the way you shop, there are plenty of tools at your disposal that can help you set goals and keep track of your purchases from Black- or Brown-owned shops. You can visit sites such as My Black Receipt in order to keep track of your Black-owned store purchases. Additionally, there are sites and online databases that allow you to set goals and set spending commitments to help keep you accountable for supporting Black and Brown-owned businesses across the country. 


Learn More About Our Movement

The RighteouSouls movement is about bringing peace, love, and truth to our shared humanity. Our founder, Robert Davis, created RighteouSouls during a period of healing and self-discovery after losing his father, his job, and his marriage in the span of 3 months. His goal was to create an online clothing store strongly rooted in spirituality and mental health that could uplift others and spread messages of hope.

 a man in a RighteouSouls hat that says “Heavily Meditated”

a gray shirt from RighteouSouls that says “Spread Love”

How to Become a SoulMate

Becoming a SoulMate with RighteouSouls is easier than ever. After you shop our online clothing store, be sure to sign up for our email newsletter to stay in the know about everything we’re doing here at RighteouSouls. Want to show off your new apparel? Tag us using #righteousouls when you post your uplifting apparel on Facebook or Instagram. We can wait for you to join the movement and become one with our RighteouSouls Community.

Join the Movement

At RighteouSouls, we aim to provide all of our customers with high-quality apparel and accessories that spread positivity throughout every community. Shop our online clothing store today to join the movement.

Join the Movement